Minimum Order Quantity

What is your MOQ?

After 22 years of being in business and I still wake up energized every morning because I still believe we’re a young, growing enterprise that helps clients solve problems. So when I meet anyone from a startup and they ask, “what is your MOQ?” I know they’re wondering if their small company can order enough to custom manufacture overseas.

GWP may not seem like a critical part of marketing but it is a sales driver for many beauty brands. It’s no secret that my clients view GWP purchases as an expense. Ask anyone that gets a free gift if it makes any difference and, I’m betting, you will hear that it impacts their buying decision more often than not. Don’t take my word for it.

Back in 1959, lacking the money to advertise in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, Estée Lauder herself came up with a clever marketing strategy to get people to makeup counters: giving customers a free product when they made a purchase. She felt it was the most honest way of advertising because you can try the product yourself and discover how good the quality is so you’ll want to buy it. It continued to be part of the Gift with Purchase sets in the 1960s and early ‘70s.

Estee Lauder today is a $51 Billion brand. 

And everyone wants their GWP bags to be unique, which requires custom design and manufacturing. Larger quantities needed to manufacture overseas might seem like a roadblock for many small brands but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of factors that go into making a decision on where to produce, such as delivery time, materials, shipping method, which can be determined by the volume and/or weight.

A recent project for a client is a good example. They needed less than a thousand coin purse sized bag to hold small sample bottles. We initially reached out to domestic suppliers that keep stock of unprinted bags. Everything was either too small or too big.

Knowing what their delivery requirement was, we turned to a trusted factory in China. Our designers customized construction and size to fit the products exactly. One of the benefits of custom manufacturing is printing cut sheets before it’s assembled, giving us a larger print area to work with. We did all this and could ship by air to make delivery on time and under budget.

So when someone asks me, “what is your MOQ?” my first answer is, “What is it that you need?” because you never know what the solution might be.

With a flair for style and working knowledge of current fashion trends, material availability and quality standards, CDP’s creative and production team are able to create a custom product that will help make your sales promotion a success.

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