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The Story Behind Vogue’s 125th Anniversary Carryall.

This commemorative canvas carryall features an image taken from a September issue published 97 years ago. It features artist Georges Lepape’s take on the Vogue Girl, the magazine’s original trademark.

Created by the publication’s founding art director, Harry McVickar, she appeared in the debut issue, dated December 18, 1892.

Vogue’s illustrated covers, including Lepape’s, are distinguished by their charm, which is not surprising as they were designed to be “decorative and beautiful.” Always a source of pride, they “made the newsstands blossom as the rose.”

Your brand may not be 125 years old like Vogue but you can celebrate like it is!

The Vogue Girl as rendered by Georges Lepape for the September 15, 1920, issue of the magazine. Illustration by Georges Lepape, Vogue, September 15, 1920

source: https://www.vogue.com/article/125-anniversary-vogue-tote-vogue-cover-georges-lepape-illustration

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