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What we do

We are bag experts for the GWP industry. Designed in New York City and produced domestically and worldwide. Our unmatched level of service is backed by years of experience and our natural instinct to take care of our clients.


Our products speak for themselves;
high-quality and function that fit your budget. Our design and production teams work for you to utilize unique manufacturing technologies while maintaining design integrity to achieve smart, sophisticated, and high-quality GWP bags.


CDP was highly recommended to us by a valued contact that said they were fabulous and we’d be “crazy” not to work with them. Now after working with CDP I can honestly say they were right!

– Supply Chain Manager,
Cosmetics Manufacturer

When I moved to a new company I remembered how CDP never let us down. They continue to do phenomenal work for us, and for that I am truly appreciative.

– CFO, Major Cosmetics Company

CDP is our partner for life! Thank you for your support, I really mean it.

– VP of Product Development,
Cosmetics Manufacturer