Revitalash Signature Bag

When Revitalash came to us with a new project in March 2018, we were excited to be working with this new client. They already had a specific bag style in mind so we got started on it right away. After giving Revitalash pricing and swatches, we moved onto making our first round of samples.

The first round samples did not come out with nice round corners at the bottom so we started on the second round. The second round had the stitching on the outside so it would be a lot easier to get a nice curve at the bottom. Unfortunately Revitalash wanted to keep the stitching on the inside we were back to square one.

We changed the materials a few times to see which would work best with the curved corners. Eventually we went back to the original material. We ended up having to round the corner and cutting slits on the inside before flipped it to create a perfect rounded corner.

We also went through a few colors for the zipper teeth with the options of black, silver or gold metal teeth. Revitalash eventually decided to go with gold.

Finally in June 2018, we were able to finalize all the details and go into production. Revitalash was able to launch their bag in November 2018. You can get your own here.