At the end of April, Pacifica Beauty came to us asking us for customized items that they wanted to be delivered by early June. This gave us a month to design and produce the bags. We have a variety of stock bags that would be able to be completed on time with their custom artwork. We sent them the ones that were available that was able to meet their budget. We settled on our widely popular Manhattan Tote (the same tote used in the New Yorker Tote).

With the limited amount of time we had, we received artwork and made samples quickly. They originally chose a light mint color, which looked great in renders but not so great in person. After some test prints with other colors like dark green, another mint green and a dark blue, we finally decided on the dark blue. After the decision was made, we quickly went into production. There were no issues with the printing and we were able to deliver all the custom printed totes to our client on time for their event.

You can get this tote on Pacifica Beauty’s website.

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