The Importance of Staff Attire

The Importance of Staff Attire in the Hospitality Industry

Why is staff attire important in the hospitality services industry?

Some restaurateurs have their staff uniform planned along with the design of their establishment. For others, it can be more of a struggle and left to the end.

How do you pick a uniform that works well with your restaurant theme? Here are some reasons staff uniforms are a must have along with factors to consider when selecting the best options for your business.

Here are 3 reasons they’re a must-have.

  • To be successful your restaurant needs to be memorable and stand out.  Your employees’ uniforms are an integral part of your brand identity. Choosing an apron style that truly reflects your business will impact public perception.  Make it a positive one.

  • Your servers are being judged on their appearance because it makes an impression on your customers, which reflects your overall business. An industry survey found that diners are more at ease when dining in a restaurant where grooming and uniform standards are in place. Having a clean crisp apron is a great way to communicate the quality of your service. Even in a casual restaurant, a casual style can still be polished. It instills guest confidence and also signals you care about your customer service and cleanliness. No detail is too small.

  • Your employees have direct contact with your customers and presentation is everything. Employees who wear a work uniform will feel a sense of pride and part of a team. When employees wear a uniform it sends a mental signal that it’s time for work. Not to mention the convenience of having pockets is a big plus for work efficiency.
Considerations in Your Restaurant Apron Design
  1. Formality – What is the atmosphere of your restaurant?  When coming up with restaurant apron ideas, you want to select something that matches the atmosphere of your business.

  2. Brand – Ensure that the apron is on brand with your restaurant. If you decide to have employees wear matching t-shirts, you may want to consider using your logo or an eye-catching image that appeals to customers.

  3. Function – Keep in mind the activities your employees do during regular shifts. When thinking about apron ideas, imagine the functionality of the design. Will your servers have a pocket or somewhere to store pens, order pads and check covers?

  4. Cleanliness – Spills are going to happen, but you don’t want a server welcoming a table with a large stain on their apron. Consider the care of the fabric you choose.

  5. Variety – More upscale establishments may want to stick with standard restaurant apron ideas. However, casual dining locations can have more fun, selecting different designs that are still similar and cohesive. This can include different colored aprons that bear your logo. You could roll out new designs throughout the year. A sports bar could rotate between baseball, basketball, and football aprons for example.

Staff appearance is a big factor in how your restaurant is perceived, so don’t overlook the importance of a clear dress policy for your team. Then, enjoy coming up with restaurant apron ideas that will rock your business!

Lucky for you, we’ve developed some creative apron ideas that you can choose from featured in our lookbook.

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