Fall in Love in Paris

Fall in Love Again in Paris

In October, Sung and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in Paris. Before we even left I had already scheduled in as many market research (OK, shopping) opportunities as possible within those few precious days.


In between sightseeing and gourmet dinners, my eyes were focused on all the beautiful window displays.

The new shapes and colors kept me thirsting for more. As I snapped photos, the color that stuck with me most was a warm shade of peach and vibrant coral. It is not surprising that Pantone announced “Living Coral” as the color of the year for 2019.

Here are some of the beautiful shades of this new color I collected to share with you.

Windows of Paris


It is not surprising that this flattering warm shade has already been adapted by the beauty industry in its latest product releases shown here.

To complement this Living Coral trend, here are some of our own GWP design interpretations using the color in natural materials.


With a flair for style and working knowledge of current fashion trends, material availability and quality standards, CDP’s creative and production team are able to create a custom product that will help make your sales promotion a success.

Talk to Custom Direct Promotions about your next successful GWP program. By phone at 212.336.1560 or sung@customdirectpromo.com or visit our website.

Annie Fan, along with her husband and business partner, Sung Park, own Custom Direct Promotions (CDP). CDP is a provider of high-quality GWP packaging solutions to optimize materials used and control costs for luxury brands.

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