5 Ways the Beauty Industry Can Create Customer Loyalty

Cosmetics, by and large, is a very Loyal Industry. Once someone finds a beauty brand or beauty products that work for them, it will sometimes take them multiple years to switch to another brand, if they ever switch at all (many never do).

And once someone likes a brand, the odds of them becoming a lifelong customer increase every time they buy a product – which happens quite frequently. When you give your customers the opportunity to “practice” their loyalty to your brand, they actually become more loyal with every purchase.

Additionally, loyalty to beauty brands is compounded because of how conducive the industry is to making purchases based on recommendations from friends and family in a given customer’s inner circle. When someone vouches for a product, the people around that central individual are vastly more likely to be influenced by the vouching. And this effect is amplified when you factor in social media accounts and the reach that one is able to have online.

So what can we do to create stronger bonds with our customers?

Well, one thing that seldom backfires is making sure your manufacturing processes are ethically sound. More and more, brands that live up to high environmental and ethical standards are preferred and have higher customer retention rates.

And don’t forget to stay in communication with your customers. They love you and your products, so show them some love back! Don’t be afraid to work towards building your various communities on each social media platform (Facebook groups, hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, sending out SMS messages reminding people when their favorite products are in stock, etc.)

Take a look at your favorite beauty companies. What are they doing to keep the bond between them and their customers sound?

Feel free to reach out to us with ideas! We are always looking for new perspectives within the industry and it’d be great to hear from you.

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