Canvas Bags and Pouches for BarkBox


Every Quarter-Inch Matters

Here’s a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” problem solving that goes into the work we produce. For this example, CDP’s creative and production team worked closely with the BarkBox creative team on their product development for a series of canvas bags and pouches that would be offered for sale in their online shop,

Problems and Challenges Met and Solved

Construction and Material:

The main criteria are that the end result had to be beautiful and functional. We were committed to finding the most cost-efficient way to achieve the high-quality look and function one would expect from their products.

The first challenge was two-fold; figure out the most efficient way to sew the product to save time and material usage, and then mix and match materials and colors to achieve the branded look.

The end result was to use 600D material which has more flexibility on MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and also easy-clean quality, both practical and necessary.

Ease of Care:

We all know how much fun our furry friends like to have. It was important to be able to easily remove the inner pocket lining for easy cleaning purposes. Although the finished product looks simple, it is actually a production challenge. The solution resulted in discovering a new sewing method to achieve the desired result. This put a smile on our client’s face. Woof!


Believe it or not, a small product like a “poop bag” holder needs to be extremely accurate in measurement. A quarter-inch difference can make a big impact on a user’s experience. This type of production detail required close oversight during the entire manufacturing process in order to ensure the products were on schedule and complied with strict quality control.


The client wanted to use hardware that did not yet exist. Challenge accepted! The solution was to create a custom mold. The result of collaboration, ingenuity, and communication helped achieve successful results.

A little ingenuity goes a long way

In manufacturing, there are no problems that cannot be solved with a little ingenuity and years of experience to back it up. From material choice to hardware to branding options, unique solutions can be efficiently manufactured while staying within a budget. It is possible.

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